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scooter wars?

Ok ,I'v been reading about this for a bit now. There seems to be a split between A LOT of old school metal scooter riders(vespa, Lambada and such), and the new "twist n go" plastic boded scooters. Body design is only one thing these rabid metal scooter loyalists hate. The other is the fact of not having to shift on the new scoots. Great for us new-bees, and automatic car drivers. I never shifted a car, I don't want to have to shift, AND ride a totally new mode of transportation. I just want to learn to ride well, not shift well, and ride like ass Or whatever paying attention to that, would do to my being able to pay attention to traffic, and road, weather, making sure that suv sees me, and does'nt run me right over, things like that. Last night I on the scooter bbs at big ass, there was one of these folks. He invited twist n gos, but said that they would be picked on the whole time. Not a happy, or even interesting invite. It "SEEMED" to be kind of a joke. But there is real hostility there. What is the deal with that?

In seeing this, I realize that there are many parts of the scooter world I don't like: The loyalists, who completely trash new scooters, and think that antique metal scooters from the movie Quadrophenia are the ONLY real scooters, and your a joke to them, if you ride a new scoot. Then there's: The racing people, trashing there bikes, and fixing um up again, just to trash them..AGAIN(with lots of beer involved,yuck)! There are still others(a lot of this crosses over) that put performance parts on there scoots, to go faster. Now, that's no problem. But, sadly some of them have to have there scoots LOUD! Now why? Why would one do this? Scooters buzz already. If you have a 50cc 2 stroke, that thing will buzz. If you have a four stroke engine, it's so much more quite. But they get new scoots(mostly) and make them loud, and fast. The people on them are pretty young(from what I can tell). {This seems allot like the goth scene to me. You have your old school people, some with open minds to new things, others completely closed off, angry and jaded}. I want a metal scooter someday. I drool at pictures of vespas, and the like. I adore the look and history. But, I can't drive one yet, and I can not afford one.

I don't like this scooter division(though, getting together and LISTENING to Di/vision is just fine with me lol) crap. I want to bring freaks on scoots together, not break them into sub categories that are both not piratical, and not fun for the odd scoot out( classic metal scoots are great, and more then welcome in my group, as are any other motor scooters(stand up scoots, and assisted mobility are NOT scooters, so those are not welcome, DUH. I just want to avoid any and all confusion).

I don't even really like the look of most scooter rallies. They need to be tweaked. They involve beer, and bars, riding, contests. OK..yeah? What else?) Sure, they kinda sound like fun(sans the beer). But, there seem to be so many people on old metal scoots at rallies, I'd feel like the freak (yet again) and open my Kymco(that will cause me more then 3,000 dollars) to be picked on?! I just want to ride what I want to ride, as I want to dress how I'd like to dress. It's all the same thing.

Scooter_bats makes even more sence to me now. It means bringing together freaks on scoots of all types. From weekend/ seasonal riders, to hard core all year rounders. I will be one of those. From metal classic scoots, to twist n gos. I don't want that sort of scooter drama here..ever. A bat scoot is any scooter under the ass of a goth,mod,punk,emo,artist, that dose not fit with his fellow riders.

I know how much fun a scooter_bats rally would be. We would travel around providence. I would give out key chane skulls, or(if I could find them) bats to everyone. And maybe have prizes for the best scooter modification(ie, spooky pimped out/air brushed, spider web, bat, skull, crazy artfully adorned scoots) I would plan a picnic in a cemetery, or park, where we could ride our scoots in, and park um. We could go on a bat and ghost watching, night drive down benefit. We could even end a rally at club hell with a big party. I'd have to find and point out cheep hotels for out of town bats. Maybe if there are enough people, I can have a sort of convergence esq party. Convergence, on That sounds like fun to me. I see about 25 to 50(more as the years go on) people in black descending on providence. We would drink things we like, not pick on others beloved scooters, dance, talk, ride, and have a fucking blast.

The first person who even STARTS that "classic metal scooter is the only way to ride" crap, will be tossed from the group. We are not motorcycle riders from a B movie staring Ross Hagen!We are not Harly people here. We are scooterists! And were NICE to eachother. Some people have to be reminded of that I guess.

I need to hunt down more members. This is a fun group, and it's not getting noticed. Hey, anyone reading this, join! Maybe you don't even dress in black, but ride a scooter and love bats. Or something like that. I want freaky geeks, nerds, as well. We all seem to fit together. After all, a goth/freak always loves an intelligent open mind( and in this case, also a love for scooters). If you have these things, you too, can become a Scooter_bat. Even if you can never get to a rally,don't have a scooter yet, or whatever, I still want you. Any group needs members to servive. Active members. So join already! You know you want to.
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