Mr. Nemeth (charmed_art) wrote in scooter_bats,
Mr. Nemeth


Hey everyone! New member here. My name is Krysztof Nemeth and i'm a pin-up artist in Seattle, specializing in fetish, gothic, retro, and alterna pin-up illustration. I do a bunch of scooter-themed stuff ( see one of my pieces was yoinked in an earlier post here ;-) ), and I personally ride an '05 Stella that i've two-toned Black and Red.

You can check out shots from a recent scooter pin-up art show I was just in at the following Flikr account link. I'm the one that's on the red and black scooter, and in another, i'm standing in front of my two prints in the show.

Enjoy the Scoot-ness

Here are the pieces close-up

Vespagoth and Scooterdemon
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