Crystabell Bloodroze (crystagoth_31) wrote in scooter_bats,
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end of the dream...for now

Yeah, I'm done with scooters. I love them, but I can not own one anymore. The one time I hit the normal road, it was awful! There's nothing wrong with the scooter, but I didn't feel stable. I would have fallen if I kept riding. I am selling the fire bat scoot as soon as I can. I live in a place where I can't really lock it up safely anyway.I'd rather sell it, then lose it to thieves. I will get, or at least ride a Kymco someday, and see if that feels any different. The fire bat scoot needs all the fluids changed, and cleaned out, all the spark plugs changed, and a new battery. All from sitting in front of my house hardly even being ridden. Please scooter lovers, carry on without me. I just don't have the skill to keep up with a scooter. I lost in the end. But At lease I didn't fall off, or ever lay the bike down. I can sell her for about a grand. She is perfect, just not for me. I never became brave enough to even drive it back to the scooter shop. It was just to much, to many cars, to damn much that could kill me intently around here. Then being so paranoid that anyone with a truck is going to steal that thing, made it not so much fan at all. So I give up. I will stick with my car, as you cant go very far as a performer, on a scooter. Good bye for now. I'll most likely just leave this community up for others. But I have noting more to add. My passion is dance,drumming,and crafting now, and getting to the events with lots of stuff to sell. None of it works with a scooter. Again, I love them. But, I don't think I want one anymore...
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