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Scooter Bats

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This is a Motor Scooter community, for Motor Scooter riders of geared and automatic scooters (and scooter fans), of the gothic/alt darker, and edge lifestyles. It will cover things like scooter stories/adventures, scooter and owner pictures, scooter art, riding advice, rules of the road, and meetings with other friendly gothic/industrial, cybergeeky type scooter riders. We will cover some normal things, like owning and riding a scooter, first timer stories, maintenance, links, and What brands/makes you love. For example: Kymco, Vespa, Bajaj, vintage scooter enthusiasts, Genuine, T'NG, Malaguti, Paggio, TnG..the list goes on and on...

In addition we will most likely cover topics like wet/cold snowy and night driving, Getting an M class license, When not to risk riding, How to keep yourself, and you scooter safe if you live in high crime areas, or have to park in or ride through one; and what each of us puts on/uses to make riding more safe/dry/comfortable fun.

CARS vs SCOOTERS: How pissed are you that they sometimes don't even see you, try to pass you, don't know how to "handle" having a small scooter in front/in back, or anywhere near them when driving? Most of them just don't care, and they do stupid dangerous things to get past you. Everyone on the road is bigger, and wants to go faster. That's reality for many a scooterist. If you're sick of road bullies, and the lack of respect you often get on the road, stand up and rant. Take back the roads. Get out of the car and onto a scooter. Go smaller, instead of bigger get over 80 miles to a gallon of gas, and don't give so much of your money away to "big oil". Have fun, save money, and help the planet by cutting down on pollution)...

And spooky fun gothy things like: spooky scooter designs, traveling to the club/shows on your scooter..and how to stay "together", and not smear your makeup from point A to point B, and bike accessories. Like what gear do you wear? Did you decorate your helmet with a spider web design, or something along that line?

Feel free to join if this sounds like a community you'd like to take part in, or if you have any more ideas of what we should cover. I will come back in a few weeks with pictures of me and my new Bat Scoot. If you'd like to be a Scooter Bat, just come back...and see the changes. I'd like this to be a fun little community all about spooky people, their scoots and unique situations that seem to be exclusive to us. Like, sun protection to keep your skin nice, even when you ride a lot, and...to be continued..............(I'm looking for assistant mods, and more info).

The people 150 from Kymco(this will be my Bat Scoot someday soon)

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The People 50 from Kymco

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Venice LX 49cc

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And a bat. I love them!

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